Outdoor Media Specialist

  • Tasweeq, through its partner ENG has access to the largest portfolio of sites in the UAE. Running your outdoor media requirements through Tasweeq will give great value for money on this expensive and effective medium. ENG has sites across all of the UAE so all market segments can be reached.
  • High Visibility
  • Sets Recall Tone
  • Launch and Run
  • Full Brand Awareness

Newspaper Specialist

Tasweeq , will be able to negotiate the best deals due to bulk buying of space as ENG currently does with its various clients.

  • Engagement
  • Targeted Options
  • Flexible
  • Permanence and desired obsolescence

Social Media Specialist

Tasweeq, will create an integrated social media marketing strategy across all government departments. A centralize strategy will allow government to communicate online effectively, some departments will need to stand alone in their communication and some departments will benefit from communicating in tandem.

  • Fast dissemination of relevant content
  • Cost Effective
  • Increased web traffic
  • Legitimize a brand

Online Specialist

Tasweeq, understands that online is an ideal format for integrating products and is a fantastic medium communicating a lot of information. If the online message is integrated then the 1 advertising package can benefit multiple department and not just 1 giving great value for money.

  • Broad & global reach
  • Targeted and personalized
  • Time effectiveness
  • Customer data collection

Radio Specialist

Tasweeq will be able to negotiate the best deals due to bulk buying of radio time. Then decide on a daily or weekly basis which government departments should take the exposure depending on the requirements.

Tasweeq can also mitigate the production costs with bulk buying of advertising production costs.

  • Reach customer with frequency
  • Sound Is memorable
  • Audience segmented by radio channel
  • Low production cost