Under the guidance of our leaders and their vision, and in order to link all government departments in the emirate of Sharjah, with the population and the private sectors, Tasweeq has been established as a partnership between Sharjah Investment Authority (Shurooq) and Emirates Neon Group for marketing communications and media solutions.

  • Services provided by the new company, Tasweeq, include:
  • buying media space in newspapers, radio, all forms of digital and social media, outdoor
  • Event management
  • PR services
  • Media Planning & consultancy services

Due to the relationships with the media sector for the last 46 years by Emirates Neon Group, and due to the continuous interaction, we aim to provide a platform to all Sharjah Governmental organizations, to make their budgets more efficient with all forms of marketing and promotions. Tasweeq also has it owns portfolio of innovative outdoor advertising locations and will continue to provide efficient tools to all Sharjah Government entities.

Unified creative message

Maintaining a unified creative message across the line

outdoor | newspapers | social media | online | radio

Integration of government department advertising budget

Many government departments have adverting and promotion budgets and Tasweeq wants to help make these budgets work effectively.

Tasweeq proposes to centralize these budgets so that collectively better rates across all media can be achieved, with a centralized focal point and hence effective advertising strategies can be created to promote government departments as per their objective along with our guidance of efficiency and effectiveness.

All spending and output will be quantified and verified to make sure that value for money is being guaranteed.

Tasweeq is in the unique position of having a full understanding of government spending as well as having full insight into all advertising platforms in the UAE.